Medium Debut!

Medium Debut!

Check this out, you guys! I’ve been invited to write on–a shared blogging social media site. Ironically, words don’t do it justice, go check it out for yourselves. While you’re there be sure to look for all kinds of musings from yours truly! 🙂 


Blogger Beware


Hackers Attack 90,000 WordPress Blogs.

…what they want with them remains unknown. Kind of silly, really. It’s hard enough to maintain 1 blog. If someone wants to take the reins for a while, be my guest.

[ Nutrition That’s Not Rocket Science ]

Getting to the bottom of what we should and shouldn’t be eating is tricky difficult downright impossible sometimes. With the vast array of myths, condemned nutrients (see previous post), and egregiously hailed “easy fixes,” learning how to eat right… and I mean right feels more like a full time job than basic instinct.

Let’s not instead…

Here to break it down for us is a series of two posts on one of my favorite blogs: Girls Gone Strong

What I like about this blog is how simple and easy the language is to follow on all levels. Approaching the content as someone with a decent amount of diet and fitness knowledge–though still learning more every day–I’m confident anyone can understand this one! Additionally, there’s no negative selling, no scare tactics, and no finger pointing. The aim is to gain the knowledge to better yourself in a manner that is clear and friendly, not to isolate those who already feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information–both good and bad–floating around out there!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Part 1 

Part 2

LIFT More, Lose More — via @womenshealthmag

LIFT More, Lose More — via @womenshealthmag

For years, women have been under the impression that lifting like men will make us gain mass and ultimately those dreaded pounds we’ve been trying to stave off with awful fad diets and even worse—calorie counting; however, the lovely ladies of Women’s Health magazine beg to differ…

Check out this informative article on the slimming effects of lifting heavier weights for fewer reps! (linked above)

…not too shabby, huh?

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