“And you can love your body while still wanting it to look differently”

I don’t often reblog or repost other people’s words here. I like to treat my blog as a space for my own thoughts; however, this occasion proves differently because, in a sense, I do feel these words are my own. Formulated by a perfect stranger, one of Girls Gone Strong‘s co-founders, Molly Galbraith, puts to words what many women can’t when it comes to the intricate complexities of body image and self esteem.

This struggle does not indicate weakness, in fact, I’m willing to bet it often plagues more women who pride themselves on their strength. Whether we’re mentally tough, physically tough, an active part of the fitness industry, or a bystander, we’ve all been through it and we’ll all go through it again. And again. And again. I intend to save this post to remind myself of my highs, but more importantly of my lows, to keep perspective for future fluctuations. Just because we’re not having our best day, week, month, year, etc., doesn’t mean we will never again find the inherent strength inside us.

For the full post, click here: It’s Hard Out There For A Fit Chick

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