Carbs Don’t Matter… No Really, They Don’t.

Let me explain…

Recently I was blessed with a bug bite that turned into the dreaded bulls-eye shape… uh oh. Lyme. Yikes. Acting quickly I went to the doctor, got some antibiotics, and taking them diligently. That was until I woke up a week ago with searing pain in my chest–the antibiotics had burnt my esophagus and stomach, making it impossible to eat and excruciating to even drink water.

A few days and a quick trip to the ER later…

Me in all my lady-like glory

Me in all my lady-like glory

I was able to begin to put down some dry toast and a McDonald’s milkshake. Hold on, WHAT? Under what circumstances would I ever be caught dead eating either of those (never mind BOTH at the same time) you ask? Well, these circumstances, I suppose. Not being able to eat much and having to eat whatever hurt the least–which turned out to be ice cream in teeny tiny spoonfuls–turned my nutritional worldview on its head. Suddenly, keeping track of grams of carbs, protein, and sugars seemed painstakingly silly.

Now that I’m back to nearly full health and I can eat without pain, I’ll resume the strictness of my regular diet, but guess what… I didn’t melt like a witch in the rain. I’m ok! I hope to take with me the lesson I learned that the motherly platitude “everything in moderation” also applies to eating healthy. Health and nutrition is not just about how much lettuce you can eat and how much protein powder you down; instead, it extends far beyond getting lost in grams of this and that to encompass a larger holistic concept, which I hope to carry with me as I head back to the gym.

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