On Opportunity, Surprises, and Other Fine Points of Life

My colleagues and I at Rodale, Inc., are so fortunate to work in a culture that allows for experimentation and learning by providing an environment of opportunity. For National Health Week that occurred during this past M-F grind, we got checked out for skin cancer, biked to work with Bicycling Magazine editors, learned about Omega-3’s from a cutting edge nutritionist and today, one of the Runner’s World gurus is leading a course in trail running! WHAT?

We’re so damn spoiled it’s not even funny.

These opportunities lead to learning, new friends, and new experiences–why wouldn’t someone participate? I tried to do EVERYTHING, but unfortunately, some of the events were sparsely attended, which caused me to think a lot about seizing the moment and not letting a good chance slip by. What would motivate someone to ignore the outreach of an organization looking to help its employees live a fulfilling life–fear. Maybe a lot of my colleagues were uncertain of their proficiency on a bike. In that regard, riding to work with editors of Bicycling Magazine could be intimidating. Maybe folks were just worried about all of the spandex that is somehow inextricably tied to cycling. I have one piece of advice for you…

                                          Love the spandex. LIVE the spandex.

If Not Now

Perhaps people were nervous about what the dermatologists would tell them at the skin cancer screening, or find out that their favorite foods were hurting them in the nutrition lecture. Whatever the reasons, be they based in fear, business, or something entirely different, it motivated me to take advantage of all that I could. Why be chained to a desk when you can be out doing and learning–you often surprise yourself with your abilities.

Having not been on a bike for more than a hot minute since tri season wrapped up last summer, I was a bit nervous. What if I was the ONLY non-bicycling editor making the two wheeled  commute… I was. It was intimidating, and even with my die-hard affection for spandex, I felt all wrong and out of place. BUT after some introductions and chatter I started to feel more at ease, realizing that I was learning directly from the experts! What?! Whose Friday morning started by learning better pedaling tempo and gear shifting? Oh, that’s right, mine did.

Perhaps I’m a little strange to get as excited as I do about these little things, but really, there are so many forces out there telling you and I how to live our lives better–of which Rodale publications are the hub {grand irony}–but we never will unless we DO. Get out there and DO.IT. You WILL surprise yourself.


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