Oh God, the BURPEES!

So right before I left for a relaxing family vacation in beautiful Bermuda, my crazy little self committed to the “100 Days of Burpees” challenge. Sounds crazy… It will be. I’m to do 1 more burpee than done the day previous for 100 days (i.e., day 1 is 1 burpee, day 2, 2… you get it). Super excited about this new challenge and all the burpees–who doesn’t love burpees, really?–I FORGOT about it. That’s right, forgot.

Don’t worry, I ended up paying my dues, with interest I might add, but it made me wonder about how many challenges go unanswered and unfinished. To avoid stepping into this easy pitfall, I’m telling you lovely folks, and I’ve even made it easy. I started with1 burpee on May 1st, so I should do 7 today, etc…

7 burpees it is. Ask and ye shall receive. Can’t wait to say “I did it!”

Stay tuned for burpees in unconventional locations. Awww yea.


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