Fantastic Fuel

Check.this.out. from @LIVESTRONG.COM… Hell. Yes.

We work hard at the gym, right? Whatever the motivation may be: weightloss, a coveted 6 pack, athletic improvement, we bust @$$ and often ruin it with the wrong concoction of post workout fuel (or none at all… shame on you). OR maybe if you’re like me and you have a basic understanding of what to nosh on after killing it in the gym, but largely ignore it in favor of whatever you can sink your teeth into after a particularly grueling sweat sesh… this article was written

Some of these food items seem challenging to come by after a workout. Don’t worry, no one expects you to make a full dinner when you can’t lift your arms to get things out of the cabinets. {oh thank god}. Favor the simpler recipes, like the nomful looking pb and banana sandwich over gourmet chicken and quinoa, but when you find yourself–like I so often do–Googling “healthy, easy, dinner recipes,” or something totally useless like that, refer back for some tasty dinner ideas that will continue to help you keep stoking your afterburn.

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